Wednesday, December 4, 2013

there are different thoughts regarding  the God.

but all are accepting  the power of almighty.

power and best result of prayer.

benefits  of  meditation.

why?   Everyone is getting sudden progress,sudden fall,sudden rise,sudden accidents,  

knowledge what he gained he himself does not know.

sweet voice,beautiful drawings,sculptures, nature calamity ,unknown disease ,curable and uncurable ,

physically handicapped.mentally retarded ,polio,blind,deaf,  dumb,

talents in handicape persons,blind peoples memory, recognising the voice,memmaries,

MANY people  can not escape sufferings  even though they get all kinds of wealth,power. he

know one can escape from the punishment of his deeds.

Because of his sins every one get punishment although law and order protecting the sinner.

so every one is thinking the god and prayer.


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