Saturday, August 24, 2013

சத்ய சாய்ராம் ஆன்மீகச் செய்திகள்

Practice renunciation from now on, so that you may 
set out on the journey when the call comes! No one 
knows when the call will come and there is no point
in being in tears at that moment remembering the 
property you accumulated, the fame you amassed or 
the titles you won! The eagle is pestered by the 
crows, so long as it has a fish in its beak. The crows 
swish past the eagle to steal the fish from its mouth. 
They pursue the bird wherever it sits for a little rest. 
At last, the eagle gives up the attachment to the fish 
and drops it from its beak; the crows fly after the fish and leave the eagle free. So 
too, when you give up sense pleasures, the crows of pride, envy, malice and hatred 
will fly away and leave you in peace.(Divine Discourse, Oct 10, 1964)
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